Sharing The Blog Love Showcase…#41

Welcome to this week’s #SharingtheBlogLove Showcase, which is where I share with you my favourite posts from all the posts that linked up last week. Katy also does the same over on her blog, so be sure to pop over and see who she choose this week.

Here are my favourites this week…

Dad’s Turn

I loved this post, Who is the ‘Softer’ Parent? Every parenting duo do it slightly differently and it’s always interesting to hear what other people are like. Andy is definitely the softer parent and has found at times he has had to toughen up as Alice has got older. I’m a really mixture and have certain things that I don’t back down on. I’m also a lot softer on Holly than I was Alice, I don’t worry about the little things as much as I used to. I also have to let a lot of things go, as there is only one of me and two of them!

Dear Mummy Blog

Isabel’s poor mummy has been very poorly lately and she took her on a day out to cheer her up. It’s amazing what a change of scenery and a bit of fresh air can do. You can’t beat a trip to the beach and Lepe Beach looks like a great one to visit. I hope that Isabel’s mummy feels better soon and they continue to make the best of the good days.

The Queen Of Collage

Spring is definitely here and we’ve been embracing it, especially the last couple of weeks with Alice of school. I loved these ideas of Ways to Connect with Nature and I would love to create an area of our garden to grow vegetables with the girls. I’ve also brought some chalks for the girls to use out in the garden, such a great idea and I know they will love them.

Old House In The Shires

A post that I think so many of us can relate to, The Mum Worry. The worry that I experience as a mum is like nothing that I’ve experienced before and I know from my own mum that it never stops. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to watch her son go skiing and do big jumps. My heart would be in mouth the whole time, but we have to let them be free to explore and learn. To flap those wings and enjoy this life.

If you missed any of these last week, then it would be great if you popped over and gave them so extra love…

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  1. 20/04/2017 / 21:20

    Thank you so much for picking me! Wow! I’m humbled as there were so many great posts. #sharingthebloglove

  2. 21/04/2017 / 09:26

    I think I missed some of these, I’ll pop back now for a catch up. #sharingthebloglove

  3. 22/04/2017 / 18:34

    Great round up of blogs #SharingTheBlogLove

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